March 3, 2021

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How To Ease Back Pain – 8 Natural Treatment For Back Pain

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How to ease back pain is a question often ask by so many.  Back pain is an all too common issue for many people in today’s busy world. The pain of any kind slows us down and keeps us from doing things we enjoy.

While it is important to consult a physician for diagnosis of your back pain, there are some natural treatment for back pain you can try if you don’t want to resort to medicine or surgeries. Try some of these recommended natural ways to ease your back pain.

Release endorphins naturally to treat back pain

Endorphins are our bodies’ natural healers. They promote well being and health of our systems. There are some medications such as opioids that cause the body to release endorphins. If you don’t want to use this type of medicine, you can help your body release the same hormones naturally.

How to ease back pain  – Any activity that causes your heart rate to increase will stimulate these pain relievers. This is why daily exercise is recommended for everyone because it promotes your body’s natural defenses and healing to play a part in your overall health. If you are already in pain, you can choose such gentle exercise as water therapy to release endorphins.

8 Natural Treatment For Back Pain

1. Use essential oils

Since the beginning of time, people have found that using essential oils can help relieve pain and stress. Whether you chose to inhale them for their aromatic therapy or apply them directly to your pain-these oils have a pain relieving property that can work wonders. Massage therapists often use these oils to provide relief from sprains and strains to tired muscles. Some of the most effective oils are rosemary, peppermint oil, and lavender. Various cultures promote the use and effectiveness of such oils in their homeopathic treatments.

2. Warm water

Soaking in warm water has been an effective natural treatment for back pain for many years. You can choose to soak in a Jacuzzi or whirlpool or just simply in your own bathtub. The heat of the water relaxes and soothes aching muscles in your back and helps them to regenerate energy for the upcoming day. Epsom salts added to your water have a healing effect on painful backs and other muscles. Just about half a cup to your bath water will ease pain and help inflammation.

3. Dry heat therapy

Besides soaking in warm water, you can use dry heat sources to treat back pain. Heating pads or gel packs can be applied directly to the source of pain. As the heat suppresses the pain, it will also enhance the oxygen being delivered directly to the sore spot on your back.

There are also several heat products that you can wear under your clothes if you need to work or do some other activity. You can make your own heat pack using uncooked rice. This type of packs holds heats and promotes healing in your back while being easy to use.

4. Massage therapy

Many people find that massage therapy has a great benefit for back pain. A professional massage done correctly can help your body to release endorphins and increase the oxygen level to the affected area. There are different types of massage therapy including deep tissue or specific area massage which all seem to help back pain sufferers.

Some patients find that massages also help the severity and the realization of pain in their back. Just make sure to find a licensed, professional to discuss massage therapy with to help back pain.

5. Stretching exercises

Exercise is another great tip you can use when looking to know how to ease back pain. Doctors often tell you that your back was made to be in motion so anything that prohibits movement can be damaging. There are stretching exercises that you can do to loosen and free up the muscles and tendons in your back.

At first, these exercises may cause soreness in your back but after a month of consistently doing these, you will discover a difference in the way you feel. Your back will be less stiff and the flexibility will ensure less pain. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

6. Get outside

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly outdoors have significantly less back pain than those who don’t. Just the fresh air and the movement will make you feel better. Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, has been proven to reduce pain and increase blood flow. Just this natural habit can reduce your back pain as well as protect you from future injuries. A simple daily walk will enhance your mood as well as your back.

7. Cold therapy

The power of ice and cold knows no bounds in the benefits for our bodies. If you have back pain, an ice pack can be your best friend. Try 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off to help severely to moderate pain. Ice slows the impulses from your nerves and reduces inflammation and swelling. The cold acts as a natural anesthetic to increase healing and pain relief.

8. Get enough rest and water

When we push our bodies beyond normal use, we can suffer from back pain as well as other issues. Doctors stress the importance of getting enough sleep and staying hydrated to keep our bodies healthy and pain-free. Instead of energy drinks or caffeine, water fuels us with what our bodies naturally crave. Also important is getting enough true rest to give ourselves time to recover from strenuous activity.


Lower stress
Stress causes pain and does general damage to all parts of our body. Your back muscles can actually tense up from worry or stress. This tightness can cause pain or even injury to your back. Give yourself time each day to unwind and meditate quietly. Feel the stress leave each part of your body as you relax.

How to ease back pain  does not necessarily have to involve medications or hospital visits. Try to treat your pain with natural remedies to promote healing. Whether it is through massage therapy or essential oils, there are many options for natural healing and resolution of pain. You don’t have to live with pain, there are many natural treatment for back pain that you can use to help manage and even eradicate your pain

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